Monday, November 12, 2007

Ghost caught on tape...?

In a recent news story, an alleged 'ghost' was caught on tape by a gas station security camera.

Here is the video:

Upon first glance, the security video footage appears to be definitive evidence of a ghost. However, after examining the entire sequence numerous times it is extremely hard for me to conclude that a true 'ghost' has been caught on tape.

The more logical explanation is that some type of bug is crawling on the security camera lens. Any experienced camera operator, logical UFO investigator or ghost hunter has to be aware of bugs and dust on the lens. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for a rise in blood pressure only to be let down by the truth. Take my word for it.

The most intriguing aspect of the film is possibly the blue hue of the object caught on film. But again, this may be affected by a number of different elements such as the security cameras lack of quality, poor lighting, and possibly, the extremely close proximity of the object to the lens.

In the end, it is easy to admit that whatever this mystifying object may or may not be (bug, ghost, angel, etc.) it sure does spark the imagination.

Lastly, my advice to you is simple. There is FAR better evidence to support life after death and the existence of spirits than what this particular event provides us.

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

UFOs... Who Cares Right?

By Adam Johnson

Have you ever encountered a mysterious craft or born witness to an object in the sky that defied reason? Did you ever think twice about your encounter and wonder what was maneuvering this mysterious object, or did you take the easy road out and deny your sighting? Frequently, people encounter mysterious objects and lights in the sky, on the ground, and even in the water. These objects are known as UFOs (unidentified flying objects) and they range in size and shape and are commonly reported as saucers, triangles, spheres, or even as pure light forms. Some eyewitnesses have the opportunity to take photographs and others capture video footage. However, many individuals frequently overlook, ignore, and even debunk the UFO phenomenon, even scientists and government officials.

One reason the general public entirely overlooks the UFO phenomenon is that many people are “inside-the-box” thinkers who lack the ability to think for themselves. Frequently, these individuals turn to authority figures for answers and are prone to let prejudiced beliefs such influence their interest into the subject matter. However, this does not make the phenomenon bogus. Instead, it shows how modern technology and mainstream media condition society’s consciousness. For example, if an individual witnessed a UFO and came home and mentioned the sighting to his or her parent(s) or spouse, a common response to the individual’s story typically seems vague or unresponsive like “sure you did,” or “oh really, that’s nice.” In more extreme cases, an individual would face ridicule from another individual; hypothetical responses include “now you know only crazies see that sort of stuff” and “crackpots see UFOs!” These ignorant comments are frequently created by the popular idea that UFOs are silly. This consistent lack of knowledge associated with UFOs is extremely negative toward the truth.

Scientists are also extremely susceptible to overlooking the UFO phenomenon. Usually, these individuals are reluctant to look into the phenomenon because it contradicts and opposes popular scientific thought. However, anyone who truly believes they can rationally, scientifically prove the notion that all UFOs are of terrestrial origin are clearly forgetting the scientific rule that one must suspend all predisposed judgment. For example, the claim that it is impossible to travel from one star system to another because it defies the current laws of physics is probably the most commonly used argument in the case against UFOs. Moreover, this attempt to debunk UFOs logically has never been accomplished by any skeptic because it is scientifically unacceptable to explain any phenomenon illogically. This, however, has not stopped many skeptics from writing off the phenomenon. In an article in the New York Times, Lawrence M. Krauss discusses pseudoscience and in a counter response to the New York Times, ufologist Stanton Friedman responds to Krauss’s claim that the study of UFOs is pseudoscience. Krauss states:

I vividly remember the first time I was hijacked on the radio. I had agreed to participate in a debate for a Florida radio program that specialized in alien visits and U.F.O. sightings. My better judgment suggested that I should be wary. But I thought if I kept my focus purely on the physics challenges involved in space travel, I might be able to persuade some listeners to be skeptical of the claims that aliens were regularly visiting, abducting, and experimenting with our fellow earthlings. I should have known better. After 45 minutes defending myself against the claim that I was close-minded, when I argued that science did in fact impose constraints on what is possible, and politely responding to demands that I must first scrupulously review all the specific claims of alien sightings before I could possibly have the temerity to make general statements about plausibility or implausibility, I felt that any uninformed listeners who might have been waiting to be swayed probably found themselves merely confused at the end of the show. In a debate that confronts the results of science with pseudoscience, from alien abductions and crop circles on one hand to the health benefits of weak magnetic fields or young earth creationism on the other, the odds are stacked against science.

Part of the problem is uniquely American. We in the United States are constantly regaled by stories about the limitless possibilities open to those with know-how and a spirit of enterprise. Combine that with a public that perceives the limits of science as targets that are constantly being overcome and the suggestion that anything is absolutely impossible seems like an affront. Indeed, modern technology has made the seemingly impossible almost ordinary. How often have I heard the cry from an audience, "Yeah, but 300 years ago people would have said it would be impossible to fly!"

Although true, the problem with that assertion is that 300 years ago people did not know enough about the laws of physics to make the assertion, so the claim would have been improper. Had they made a simpler claim like, "Three hundred years from now, if you drop this cannonball off the Tower of Pisa, it will fall down," they would have been right.

Although it is probably true that there is far more that we do not know about nature than that we do know, we do know something! We know that balls, when dropped, fall down. We do know that the earth is round and not flat. We do know how electromagnetism works, and we do know that the earth is billions of years old, not thousands.

We may not know how spacecraft of the future will be propelled, whether matter-antimatter drives will be built or even if time travel is possible. But we do know, absolutely, how much on-board fuel will be needed to speed up a substantial spacecraft to near the speed of light — an enormous amount, probably enough to power all of human civilization at the present time for perhaps a decade.

That means that aliens who want to come here from a distant star will probably have to have some better reason than merely performing secret kinky experiments on the patients of a Harvard psychiatrist.

As difficult as debating ultimate limits of the possible may be, there is another debate that is even harder to win. But it is a debate that may be even more important. It is a debate on the "fairness" of science. The reason for the difficulty is simple. Science is not fair. All ideas are not treated equally. Only those that have satisfied the test of experiment or can be tested by experiment have any currency. Beautiful ideas, elegant ideas and even sacrosanct notions are not immune from termination by the chilling knife edge of experimental data.

In Ohio, a debate is raging over whether to teach "intelligent design" alongside evolution in high school biology classes. Intelligent design is based on the belief that life is too complicated to explain by natural causes alone and that some intelligence, ultimately some divine intelligence, must have created the original life forms on earth or guided their development. Proponents of that idea suggest that including it in the curriculum is simply a question of fairness. If a significant number of people do not believe that evolution provides an adequate explanation of the origin of species, they argue, and then it is only fair to present both sides of the argument in a high school science class.

But at least half of Americans polled in a recent survey by the National Science Foundation did not know that Earth orbits the Sun, and that it takes a year to do so. Does this mean we should teach that Earth is the center of the universe? Of course not. It merely means that we are not doing a very good job informing the public about physics. Science is not a democratic process. It does not proceed by majority rule and it does not accept notions that have already been disproven by experiment.

Intelligent design makes assertions that cannot be tested by experiment. Those assertions that can be tested, say about blood clotting or the claimed irreducible complexity of various components of cells, seem to have thus far failed those tests. So intelligent design does not belong in a science class. End of story.

Nevertheless, recently the Ohio State School Board felt it necessary to run a hearing on evolution vs. intelligent design in a debate format, with two proponents of evolution to face off against two advocates of intelligent design in Columbus.

One might think that I would know better than to agree to participate in such a debate. But I did, because I felt the education of schoolchildren in Ohio was so important.

Nevertheless, I tried to learn from my earlier mistakes. Merely having a debate inevitably suggests that each side has some credibility. As a result, opponents of the scientific method like creationists try very hard to appear in debates with scientists. Merely being on the same stage represents a victory!

I made sure that I emphasized this intrinsic inequity in my opening remarks in Columbus, and it colored much of the subsequent discussion, as well as the later reporting of the event. I do not know whether it was sufficient to let listeners focus on whether there was really anything worth debating in the first place. But it at least allowed for that possibility.

In the meantime, for those scientists who find themselves thrust in such public debates, I have found at least one useful tool. When debating U.F.O. experts, ask them whether they believe in "Young Earth Creationism." When debating young earth creationists, ask them whether they believe in alien U.F.O.'s. When they say no, ask why. Their answers will inevitably shed light on the weakness of their own positions.

Of course, as has once happened to me, you might find yourself debating a U.F.O.-believing creationist. But you can't win them all. My hope is that you can win at least some of the time (Friedman).

In response, Stanton Friedman wrote:

May 1, 2002
The New York Times
Dear Editors:

Lawrence Krauss follows in the footsteps of a number of academic scientists bold enough to make predictions of the future of flight. Dr. Simon Newcomb in October, 1903, published an article "scientifically" proving that the only way man would ever fly would be with the help of a balloon -- just two months before the Wright Brothers' first flight. Dr. Bickerton in the 1920's proved "scientifically" that it would be impossible to provide anything with sufficient energy to place it in orbit around the earth. Dr. Campbell, at the U. of W. Ontario, proved "scientifically" in 1941 that the required initial launch weight of a chemical rocket able to take a man to the moon and back would be only 300,000,000 times higher than what was actually required as demonstrated less than 30 years later by the Apollo Program. Campbell made such pseudoscientific assumptions as that the rocket would have only one stage, would be limited to 1G acceleration, would be launched vertically, and would require a retrorocket to slow it down before return to earth. The NASA aerospace engineers and applied scientists of course used a multistage rocket, exposed the astronauts to several Gs, launched to the East from near the equator, and took advantage of the moon's gravity to provide some of the energy and the earth's atmosphere to slow down the rocket upon return. Making wrong assumptions usually leads to false conclusions.

Krauss' claim "we do know absolutely, how much on board fuel will be needed" is pseudoscience of the highest degree, equivalent to Campbell's absurd assumptions. I am not surprised at this arrogance having debated him on a California radio show about UFOs. I had earlier read two of his books (though he had read neither of mine). As a nuclear physicist who worked on nuclear power plants for space applications and aircraft nuclear propulsion systems as well as on fission and fusion rockets, I was able to demonstrate on the air that he had provided misinformation about these areas of technology and about UFOs, as well.

Of course he refused my challenge to a public debate. As might be expected, he followed the four basic rules for UFO debunking: 1. don’t bother me with the facts, my mind is made up. 2. What the public doesn't know, I will not tell them. 3. If I can't attack the data, I will attack the people; it is easier and 4. I will do my research by proclamation, since investigation is too difficult.

Proclamations by Academic Professionals, about things about which they know almost nothing, are the lowest form of pseudoscience.

Stanton T. Friedman (Friedman).

This debate as to whether UFO researchers practice pseudoscience is empty because no one truly knows the existence of “true” UFOs. It is skeptics like Krauss who try to justify not researching the UFO phenomenon because they believe there is nothing to study. Again, Krauss has made up his unscientific mind with that claim and thus, ignores all facts and evidence associated with it. On the other hand, Stanton Friedman shows how illogical and ignorant skeptics are toward “something” going on in our skies and, through evidence, it seems to be out of this world. The skeptics are essentially the ignorant unscientific “believers” in this debate. One of the most established physicists, Stephen Hawking, has developed a hypothetical bias that prohibits him from seriously investigating the UFO phenomenon. In the following quote by Stephen Hawking, one will recognize how frequently people make assumptions regarding the arrival of intelligent life forms.

Of course, some people would claim that sightings of UFOs are evidence that we are being visited either by aliens or by people from the future. (If the aliens were to get here in reasonable time, they would need faster-than-light travel, so the two possibilities may be equivalent.)

However, I think that any visit by aliens or people from the future would be much more obvious and, probably, much more unpleasant. If they are going to reveal themselves at all, why do so only to those who are not regarded as reliable witnesses? If they are trying to warn us of some great danger, they are not being very effective. (Hawking 166)

Stephen Hawking’s speculations are clearly ignorant and biased. There is absolutely no excuse for anyone to deny or resist an open-minded examination of UFO evidence while remaining skeptical. Furthermore, it is necessary for every scientist and human being to open his or her mind up for the possibility that some UFOs are of extraterrestrial or even inter-dimensional origin. For example, Dr. Carl Sagan was skeptical of any extraordinary answer to the UFO phenomenon, but he also believed the scientific community unreasonably neglected the subject. So, in 1969, he decided to co-organize a conference on the subject matter ("Ufology".) Later in Carl Sagan’s life, he changed his attitude toward the subject matter. Like most typical scientists, Carl believed in the notion that interstellar travel for all advanced “alien” civilizations would be impossible, but he simultaneously argued that an advanced “human” civilization might achieve the feat ("Extraterrestrial hypothesis".) Is not Carl Sagan’s proclamation biased? Imagine how advanced a planet which harvested intelligent life would be if it had a billion year head start on ours! It is clear that Sagan’s “personal” unscientific idea that modern-day UFOs are without question earthly reflects accurately on the scientific community. As a final point, Carl Sagan contradicted his own belief that paleocontact (the hypothesis that intelligent extraterrestrial creatures visited Earth in the distant past or at the dawn of human civilization) may have occurred ("Extraterrestrial hypothesis".)

Everyone should research the UFO phenomenon openly and objectively, instead of letting modern science set our minds with the concept and belief that there is nothing extraordinary taking place in our skies. Astronomer, ufologist, and former Project Blue Book investigator J. Allen Hynek showed how dogmatic scientists can be by saying, “Close questioning revealed they (scientists) knew nothing of the actual sightings... and therefore cannot be taken seriously. This is characteristic of scientists in general when speaking about subjects which are not in their own immediate field of concern" ("Ufology".)

The United States government’s reluctance to look into the UFO phenomenon is the paradigm for how a government suppresses the interest of media and society. It has setup a system on how to treat the UFO phenomenon; it is unproblematic and flawless because it is a system of absolute denial. It is extremely common for an individual to overlook the likelihood of UFO cover-up because most people like to think their government tells them everything. However, it is this patriotic attitude that makes many individuals unaware. For example, no one realized the government developed the atom bomb and planned on using it in World War II. For this reason, one should realize that the subject of extraterrestrial life and the UFO phenomenon would not be treated any differently. In fact, the current secrecy surrounding UFOs may be above top-secret and well beyond the secrecy of the atom bomb. A usual question regarding the UFO cover-up is “why would any government hide this type of knowledge?” The question is extremely understandable because this kind of information should be worldwide. One must think from the government’s point of view: just as in the case of the top-secret atom bomb in the 1940’s, they can’t risk losing the top-secret information. A similar principal should be adopted for the UFO phenomenon because the implications surrounding the possibility of advanced extraterrestrial technology could potentially be deadly in this war hungry world. Clearly, it was necessary for the government to hide technology of this magnitude. Imagine what could have happened if advanced extraterrestrial technology fell into the hands of the Germans or the Japanese in World War II. In essence, every question as to why the government would cover-up UFO related phenomenon falls under national security.

The current state of terrorism the United States faces everyday has only contributed toward the UFO cover-up. This cover-up is extremely negative toward human consciousness because it creates more ignorance and less truth in our civilization. It would be positive, however, if the United States government was the only government to possess this technology. It does not take a conspiracy theorist to understand the implications a truth like this would have on our civilization. National security, religion, technology, and the economy would all be impacted severely. This makes it rather obvious that there is no urgent reason for the government to inform society about the existence of intelligent life forms who uncontrollably visit American air space. These enormous responsibilities rest mainly on the United States government. Even though there are good reasons for a cover-up, that is a flawed approach because, regardless of what happens from here on out, the ramifications will be extremely negative to the government and society. The government’s denial and cover-up should be disclosed on a national scale in the name of truth.

When taking a serious glimpse into the UFO phenomenon, undeniable proof that a phenomenon absolutely is taking place is found. It is clear that the government is not telling us everything and for a logical reason. No one knows for sure what controls UFOs, but undeniable evidence demands that the phenomenon be scientifically explored and no longer ignored!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Walking With Dinosaurs (and Humans)?

By Adam Johnson

First appearing approximately 230 million years ago colossal creatures known as ‘dinosaurs’ ruled the earth. For millions of years, no other animal species legitimately threatened the existence of dinosaurs. Nonetheless, on one unlucky day, approximately 65 million years ago, the dinosaurs seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth or so the story goes…

On occasion throughout history, there have been sightings from remote regions of the world of enormous creatures that resemble various dinosaur species. In particular, a creature known by native Congo pygmies as mokele-mbembe or “one that stops the flow of rivers” supposedly dwells in the central African countries of Congo, Cameron, and Gabon. According to witness testimony, the mokele-mbembe is known for its long neck and tail, small head, and large body. All of which are common characteristics associated with a sauropod dinosaur. To further fuel the excitement, according to researcher William Gibbons, at least two pygmies were directly involved in the slaying of a mokele-mbembe.

One of the earliest stories that may be relevant to the existence of the mokele-mbembe comes from the 1776 book of former Congo missionary Abbe Lievain Bonaventure. According to Bonaventure’s book, he bared witness to unusual footprints of enormous size. Even though he never directly witnessed the creature, he certainly realized that tracks he discovered must have been from a monstrous animal as he was able to depict claws which outlined a footprint nearly three feet in circumference. In addition, Bonaventure never made any reference of the mokele-mbembe in his book since he had no previous knowledge of its alleged existence, which certainly strengthens the testimony of the witness. However, in this case, he may have been a victim of his own imagination as he could have simply misidentified a large footprint such as an elephants. The true discovery of a living prehistoric dinosaur such as the mokele-mbembe would certainly rewrite everything we know about our evolution as a species.

Do Dinosaur Petroglyphs Really Exist?

The most substantial piece of evidence that dinosaurs once lived along side humankind are prehistoric petroglyphs and paintings found throughout the world that clearly resemble the appearance of various dinosaurs. For example, one of these petroglyphs in particular can be found at Natural Bridges, National Monument Utah. Its creation is attributed to the Anasazi Indians who lived in the region approximately between the fifth and fourteenth centuries. It is apparent that the Anasazi Indians are representing a dinosaur, specifically a Brontosaurus (now referred to as Apatosaurus). However, we seem to forget that the species Brontosaurus excelsus was not discovered until 1879, hundreds of years after the creation of this petroglyph. Thus, it seems nearly impossible that a group of ancient Indians would accurately depict a dinosaur without ever making any contact. Ultimately, we are left with three options: Either the Anasazi Indians were sophisticated archeologists, capable of mind-traveling into the past, or simply put, they coexisted along side at least one dinosaur species at some point in history. At this point, the later is currently the most rational explanation.

Are These Authentic Human and Dinosaur Tracks?

There is an alleged series of 14 sequential human footprints on the same limestone bed of at least 134 dinosaur tracks on the Paluxy River, near Glen Rose, Texas. Although it is difficult for scientists to determine the authenticity of the alleged “human tracks,” evolutionists commonly dismiss any possibility that humans once walked alongside dinosaurs. In the end, it is certainly interesting to think what if our civilization really did/is coexisting with dinosaurs?

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Are Extraterrestrial Biological Entities Among Us?

By Adam Johnson

If one was to say that they believe in the UFO phenomenon, what would most people think? Would they wisely examine the evidence objectively in order to come to a plausible conclusion, or make the mistake of immediately accepting or rejecting it? All beliefs demand some sort of a study, and therefore depend solely on the evidence provided which leads to a hypothesis. Accepted hypothesis's generally lead to plausible theories. The only problem, though, for this type of research, is the majority of our scientists and psychologists remain very weary over certain subject matters.

This methodology is simply a contradiction within the scientific field. The true scientists of our world are able to rid their biases on all subject matter and objectively research them. As a result, scientists are able to research many different subjects and expand the horizons to the mysterious. Isn't it the scientists' duty and nature to research these phenomenon thoroughly?

The UFO phenomenon demands serious consideration, for the evidence is overwhelming. There are hundreds of thousands of UFO sightings every year, though the majority of them never get reported. The ones that do get reported are either written off as hoaxes or thought to be of more earthly origin. Many sightings are never explained at all because the evidence surrounding the phenomenon is too great to be disregarded as something as ordinary as a weather balloon. Other examples of irrational explanations used to write off UFOs include, conventional aircrafts, flares, satellites, planets, and even swamp gas! If people think these absurd explanations are true, then everyone in the world is living a lie.

These explanations need to be somewhat reasonable, or do they?

It is the duty of the government to keep any national security threat under wraps. This is necessary to keep the population from mass hysteria, and thus is justifiable. I think it is truly unreasonable to ever expect the government or military to ever come out and say,
"Hey folks, we are being visited by aliens, we are unable to control our skies, we do not know if they are friendly, and we have no idea what we are doing."
If they sense the need to lie, they will. For those sightings too great to be hoaxes or ordinary occurrences, the only reasonable response is admitting it actually happened. We must accept the notion of visits by extraterrestrials or the involvement of a superior intelligence. I believe as human beings it is our duty to open up our minds, and to begin thinking about these potential scenarios, because whether people like it or not, it may be happening.

Prominent Ufologist Stanton Friedman states:
Abstract: Careful review of a vast array of relevant evidence clearly leads to the conclusion that some unidentified flying objects are intelligently controlled vehicles whose origin is outside our solar system. All the arguments against the extraterrestrial origin seem to be based upon false reasoning, misrepresentation of evidence, neglect of relevant information, ignorance of relevant technology, or pseudo sophisticated assumptions about alien appearance, motivation, or government secrecy.
There are extraordinary amounts of evidence for UFO sightings, from photographs, video recordings, commercial ground control radar, military ground radar, air traffic control voice recordings, and military jet radar. There are even historical pieces of evidence consisting of ancient paintings, carvings, sculptures, hieroglyphics, biblical stories and further ancient writings. One of the most compelling sightings took place in Bentwater, England. While on routine patrol, current Air Force officer Sgt. John Burroughs saw lights flash in Rendlesham Forest.

A team of UFO researchers investigated the event, marking it as one of the most credible sightings to date.

The following are voices from a tape transcript in which Lt. Col. Charles Halt, Sgt. John Burroughs, and Sergeant Monroe Nevilles made while witnessing the second night of events over RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge:

HALT: There is no doubt about it - there is some type of strange flashing red light ahead.Burroughs: There! It’s yellow.

HALT: I saw a yellow tinge in it, too. Weird! It appears to be maybe moving a little bit this way? It’s brighter than it has been. It’s coming this way. It is definitely coming this way. Pieces of it are shooting off. There is no doubt about it. This is weird!

HALT: OK, we’re looking at the thing; we’re probably about two to three hundred yards away. It looks like an eye winking at you. It's still moving from side to side. And when you put the Starscope on it, it sort of has a hollow center, a dark center; it’s like a pupil of an eye looking at you, winking. And it flashes so bright to the
Starscope that it almost burns your eye.

HALT: 3:05. We see strange strobe-like flashes to the... rather sporadic, but there’s definitely something there. Some kind of phenomenon.

HALT: 3:06. At about ten degrees, horizon, directly north, we’ve got two strange objects, er, half moon shape, dancing about, with colored lights on ‘em. At, er, guess to be about five to ten miles out, maybe less. The half moons have now turned into full circles as though there was an eclipse or something there for a minute or two.

HALT: 03:15. Now we’ve got an object about 10 degrees directly south, 10 degrees off the horizon. And the ones to the north are moving. One’s moving away from us.

NEVILLES: Moving out fast.

NEVILLES: This one on the right’s heading away, too.

HALT: They’re both heading north. Hey, here he comes from the south, he’s coming toward us now.

HALT: Now we’re observing what appears to be a beam coming down to the ground.


HALT: This is unreal.

HALT: 03:30 and the objects are still in the sky, although the one to the south looks like it’s losing a little bit of altitude. We’re going around and heading back toward the base.

HALT: The object to the south is still beaming down lights to the ground.

HALT: 04:00 hours. One object still hovering over Woodbridge base at about five to ten degrees off the horizon, still moving erratic and similar lights and beaming down as earlier.

In addition to the UFO sightings, countless animal mutilations are reported every year. This is truly a bizarre global phenomenon. The animals found range from cows and horses to smaller domestic animals, such as sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits and even some big game wildlife such as deer and elk. Furthermore, there are the horrifying cases of pet dogs and cats being found mutilated. These occurrences tend to be extreme, for they have been found cut in half, beheaded, with no paws, and even skinned.

The strangest factor regarding this phenomenon, are the characteristic similarities of each mutilation. The majority of animals found are exsanguinated (all their blood has been removed). With the blood of the animal totally drained, at least a drop would be expected to be found on the crime scene, but that is just not the case. Something has extracted the blood out of these animals leaving no apparent trace. Additionally, there are no signs of a struggle, footprints, or tire tracks found anywhere on the ground around the body. There is even evidence of clamp marks on animals’ legs, which indicates that they are taken from their normal environment and experimented on elsewhere.

Linda Moulton Howe is a renowned researcher in animal mutilations and crop circles. She has discovered that the typical mutilated animal consistently has huge oval shaped incisions around the jaw bone, and in most cases the exposed jaw is completely removed. In some cases she has found the tongue, which appears to have been removed from a precise incision deep within the throat. She has commonly observed the removal of at least one eyeball. In female cows, it is typical to find the removal of the udders, and in all animal mutilations (including both sexes) it is extremely common to find the complete removal of the genitals.

Linda Moulton Howe states from her book An Alien Harvest:
For the first time that tissue gathered from mutilator cuts in Arkansas on March 11, 1989, revealed the following characteristics under microscopic examination:
  1. The line is pinpoint ;thin
  2. The line was subjected to high heat, probably 300
    degrees Fahrenheit or above, leaving a hard and darkened edge;
  3. The cuts were made rapidly, probably in two minutes or
    less, because there is no inflammatory cell destruction which typically begins
    in a few minutes after any trauma to tissue.

For some people, the shocking amount of evidence to support an ongoing phenomenon around animal mutilations is not enough. Therefore, I challenge them to explain why there is evidence of high levels of concentrated heat, radiation, and unusually large amounts of magnesium around the corpse. The only feasible explanation to this is that some sort of an instrument is being used to make precise incisions for the extraction of body parts unlike anything the medical field has ever witnessed. This instrument used must be some sort of laser, and very similar to what a surgeon would have in his operating room.

However, the problem with that notion is the fact that it is impossible for a human to bring a laser of that magnitude into a farmer's field for any apparent reason, especially for a couple hours in the darkest hours of the day. Beyond that, why would anyone take the jaw of a cow or various body parts in covert when anyone has access to these parts through a local butcher?

Other unexplained phenomena providing amazing evidence of extraterrestrials are crop circles. These marvelous designs, which have been found in crop fields throughout the world, are mainly found in England. Crop circles are very intriguing not only in design but in the field of science as well. Skeptics consider crop circles as being man made. Some even look at it as an art form. It is possible to create a number of these designs with just a board and rope in the wee hours of night. In order to create a design, one must apply force to the board and use this as a tool to create the formations in the crops.

This, of course, leaves plenty of evidence that something has destroyed the corn by applying force to break the corn and rearrange the structure. However, in many cases there is no evidence of brute force. The corn has been delicately maneuvered into a structured design. There is no way this can be done with a rope and board.

In order to do this, a device is needed that will neutralize the corn's molecules so the corns shape can be altered at a perfect 90 degree angle without breaking its stalk. When one studies crop circles, the support of extraterrestrial intervention goes well beyond the complexity of the designs. The evidence has actually been narrowed down to the molecular level. The scientists who have discovered this remain baffled because this is overwhelming evidence that something has affected these stalks of corn. Many scientists cannot accept the notion that we are being visited by extraterrestrials.

Therefore, they resort to typical explanations such as the earth's magnetic field. That hypothesis is a failed one because these intricate designs are not developed by the earth's magnetic field. Ever since the dawn of man, crop circles have been recorded. However a significant increase of crop circles began in the 1960's, and since then have remained sighted across the world.
In addition to the crop circles themselves, there have been numerous sightings and hard evidence recorded on video camera of tiny orbs circling crops and lowering the vegetation on camera! This overwhelming evidence supports the theory that we are being visited by extraterrestrial beings or some superior intelligence. However, nothing of this magnitude ever gets reported on television through CNN or any large media network. Simply because our society is basically programmed to come home and watch a rerun of war on terrorism, the newest murder plot, and weather disasters. News corporations and the media need to open up their minds, and begin to at least expose the world to this material.
The most incredible piece of evidence are the alleged abductions that have taken place and the implants that have been surgically removed from the abductees. The majority of cases begin with a greatly traumatized, frightened, or confused individual who struggles with sleep, restlessness, and even flashbacks. Most of them usually see a psychologist for observation. These psychologists usually put their patients under hypnosis in an attempt to have them relive their experience. In most cases, a fairly consistent episode takes place, with the victim either driving down a road or sleeping in their bed at night.

Then, there is an onset of occurrences, whether that be a UFO sighting or shadowy beings that surround the victim in his or her bedroom. This shocking experience is quite often concluded with another phenomenon, referred to as "lost time". Typically, a couple of hours have been lost with either little or no recollection of what has happened. This experience leaves an individual very confused, often frightened and finally in despair.

In many cases, a psychologist is sought after in order to revitalize the abductee, but that is not always the case, according to renowned psychologist and author Bud Hopkins.
Bud Hopkins has researched this phenomenon for over a twenty year period and has discovered that the majority of abduction cases are extremely similar and identical in many ways. He has found that most abductions take place at night and a majority occur when people are sleeping or driving their car; however, there have been many reported cases in which victims are taken from tents, canoes and from the woods when camping. Furthermore, there have been group abductions recorded, which provide undeniable proof of an enduring phenomenon. As if that is not enough, Bud Hopkins has found many patients with scoop marks and implants throughout their body.

All of this hard evidence makes it very difficult to explain the majority of their abduction experiences with conventional science. The majority of psychologists rely on the sleep paralysis phenomenon to explain all abductions. They tend to overlook a number of cases in which the abduction occurs when the victim is awake. This is because mainstream science does not support such farfetched theories.

They tend to shut their minds off to new ideas even when evidence points in an unexpected direction. Psychologists need to rid themselves of all biases on the subject matter, and examine it objectively and logically with an open mind. Budd Hopkins follows this logical research method and uses it to support all of his investigations. He has come to an understanding that people are being abducted by something unusual. According to Hopkins, the abductors may be extraterrestrial, government officials, or some other kind of being.

Either way, people are being taken against their will, and mind control is being used to suppress their memories.
The abduction phenomenon is convincing in a number of ways, but, the most convincing and yet provoking piece of evidence that is used to support the phenomenon are the implants that are being extracted by a number of scientists across the world. There have been a number of cases in which abductees discover strange markings on their body.
Usually these markings lead to further examination by a doctor. Many doctors tend to disregard these scars and markings as being something ordinary. On the other hand, it is impossible to disregard objects or implants that are found underneath the skin using x-rays. Yet again, it is common for most doctors to simply disregard these objects as being something of extraterrestrial nature.

The majority try to explain these abnormal implants as being some sort of freak accident, even when the patient swears he or she never had one. It is just simply impossible for doctors and scientists to disregard all of these objects as being natural and common since most of these implants have no beginning in the minds of the patients. In some cases, there is no proof of trauma or scars to support implant findings.
Many people remain very weary about the origin of these objects. Some victims tend to overlook or disregarded the implants, but a majority have decided to get these anomalies removed from there bodies. Some victims believe implants were put there by extraterrestrials, although a large majority of people have no idea whatsoever about what has happened. In one case, an anonymous man from the West Coast and an anonymous woman from the East Coast had both consulted their doctors about objects imbedded in their bodies. Neither one of these undisclosed individuals had ever met each other.

Both of them decided to have there implants removed, and, as it turned out, both objects were identical in every way. It was very startling and somewhat frightening for both individuals, as they felt the only explanation for these implants was that somehow these objects were put into their bodies in a surgical fashion not practiced or taught through any institution. Many doctors have been intrigued with the precise surgical placement of these objects.

Along with the precise placement and challenging location, doctors are astonished when patients react sometimes violently to the removal of implants during surgery. Even though they are under the influence of anesthesia, the body some how reacts to the removal of these implants almost as if it was connected to the nervous system.
This phenomenon raises many questions, as do all the phenomena discussed throughout this report. Many people doubt the likelihood of such mysterious events, because they fear ridicule from people, or they fear the subject and the mystery that may be occurring around them. On the other hand, a number of people are very open-minded and they objectively reason their way through life no matter how difficult the subject may be.

This subject really should not be so hard to understand but usually is. However, everyone is conditioned to live in a certain way and any change causes a great deal of fear in those who cannot adapt to new situations. Since the government knows it would be risky to disclose anything of this magnitude to the public, the public may never hear the true side of the story through the mainstream media.
The majority of documentaries covering the UFO phenomenon have a tendency of letting bias beliefs, and closed mindedness, dictate the quality and depth of reporting.

Ufologist Stanton Friedman states:

The primary UFO evidence consists of UFO sighting reports, multi-witness close encounters, still and motion pictures, radar tracking, simultaneous radar-visual sightings, physical traces (environmental changes in dirt, vegetation, trees, etc.)produced by UFOs, abductions by aliens of Earthlings, and very likely (in hidden locations) crashed UFOs and preserved alien bodies.
The worldwide origin of the various data collections indicate similar experiences occurring and being reported independently all over the planet. The overall quality and quantity of reports is far better than most people - especially open-minded skeptics and scientists and newspaper reporters "are aware". When evidence like this exists for any subject matter, it is absolutely immoral and beyond unscientific to withhold any evidence from scientific examination. Therefore, the most upsetting topic is, without doubt, the debunking that takes place.

For example, in a recent ABC Peter Jennings documentary over the UFO phenomenon, Bud Hopkins was a guest. Throughout the entire show, he and his counterpart on the UFO phenomenon were rigorously misrepresented and debunked. In the following interview, Bud Hopkins speaks his true thoughts and feelings over how ABC deceivingly edited and presented the show to the public.

During the past year Peter Jennings's producers interviewed me a number of times, and because I sensed what they had in mind, I made, as a preemptive strike, a number of careful, highly specific observations about the UFO abduction phenomenon.

All of these crucial points - recorded by ABC on videotape - were designed to underline the physical reality of UFO abductions and to demonstrate the implausibility of current skeptical explanations. To its shame, ABC suppressed ALL of these observations. I knew, of course, that the skeptics’ favorite explanation du jour is impossibly simple: abduction reports, they believe, are all due to misperceived “sleep paralysis.” Ranking as a distant second is another erroneous belief: abduction reports, they say, “ONLY emerge under hypnosis,” and since hypnosis is “totally unreliable,” all abduction reports must be discarded.

In the light of these tediously familiar errors and misstatements, I made certain in my taped interviews to explain the following:

  • In the first two decades of our research, ALL of the central abduction cases involved people who were outside their houses when they were taken. NONE were lying paralyzed in their bedrooms. They were driving cars, walking, fishing, hunting and even, in one famous case, driving a tractor on a farm. “Sleep paralysis” as a blanket explanation of UFO abductions is therefore, ipso facto, a ludicrous non-starter. Nevertheless ALL of my insistent statements on this point were systematically eliminated by the producers.
  • Second, I indicated that there are many abduction reports involving two, three, six or more people who were taken simultaneously and whose highly detailed recollections are virtually identical. This fact alone eliminates not only sleep paralysis” but “fantasy-proneness” or any other idiosyncratic psychological aberrations as triggering causes. My descriptions of these many cases of multiple abductions were likewise completely suppressed by the producers.
  • Third, I showed the interviewers many photos of, again, virtually identical scoop marks, consistent straight-line scars and ground landing traces at abduction sites, implants that have been removed and other physical sequel. ALL of these vivid photographic examples of physical evidence were suppressed by the producers.
  • Fourth, I was not alone in making these points. My colleague Dr. David Jacobs was asked by ABC to carry out a hypnotic regression for the camera, but since the woman he chose had been abducted in the daytime while driving a car, the case did not fit ABC’s “sleep paralysis” agenda and was thus not only suppressed, but Dr. Jacobs’ many hours of taped interviews were also scrapped.
  • Fifth, I made it very clear that perhaps 30% of all the abduction reports collected by researchers are recalled WITHOUT THE AID OF HYPNOSIS, a fact which renders the issue of hypnosis moot. This point was also suppressed by the producers whose only goal, it appeared, was to eliminate any data that contradicted their transparently false debunking hypotheses.

Despite my having presented - and reiterated - the points above, the producers chose to trot out on camera two debunking scientists (whose experiments with a mere handful of subjects have yet to be taken seriously by the psychological community) to buttress the untenable “sleep paralysis” theory, the false “no physical evidence” claim, and the demonstrably untrue “its all hypnosis” assertion.

The smug presentations of these two would-be experts were accompanied by the producers’ lurid “reenactments” of “sleep paralysis” phenomena, complete with flashing lights and spooky music. The taped testimony of a serious mental health professional like Dr. John Mack was likewise suppressed, along with my statement that over the years eight psychiatrists and numerous other mental health professionals had come to me about their own UFO abductions.

The producers’ obvious goal was to conceal the fact that within the mental health community there are many professionals who look with amusement on the “sleep paralysis” theory, and who accept the physical reality of UFO abductions. So, what can one say about such a deliberately dishonest presentation as Peter Jennings's “Seeing is Believing” take on abductions? Perhaps one can only shrug and warn, yet again, that the incurious members of the press and the many blinkered, conservative scientists had better collectively pull their heads up out of the sand and join us in our

Whatever one’s personal attitude toward the UFO abduction phenomenon, science insists that an extraordinary phenomenon demands an extraordinary investigation.

What ABC served up on Thursday night was, instead, an extraordinary whitewash of the abduction phenomenon, and a brutal suppression of the evidence for what may well be the most portentous event in human history.

Peter Jennings and his staff should be ashamed.

BUDD HOPKINS, New York Friday, February 25, 2005

The proceeding statement concludes Budd Hopkins true thoughts and opinions over the ABC television event "Seeing is Believing." It is hard for anybody to overlook all the evidence that supports Budd's aggravation of the taping and presentation of the show. Without a doubt there is a huge phenomenon taking place right under our noses, and it needs to be taken seriously and looked at with true audacity, and, of course, an open mind.
Again, Stanton Friedman states:

There is no doubt in my mind, after 37 years of study and investigation that the evidence is overwhelming that planet Earth is being visited by intelligently controlled vehicles whose origin is extraterrestrial. There are no acceptable arguments against flying saucer reality, only people who either haven't studied the relevant data or have a strong will not to believe that Earth is at the bottom of the heap sociologically and technologically in our local galactic neighborhood.
In the end, everyone needs to get over their irrational beliefs and insecurities toward this subject matter. One must rid all biases, and actually study this ongoing phenomenon in a rational manner. As human beings, it is our right to know the truth regarding the true origin of UFOs. However, the clock is ticking for many individuals. There is only so much time left for a number of ufologists, to get to the bottom of this phenomenon. Moreover, it is absolutely insane to hold this truth from the public, regardless of the repercussions it may have.
It is time for this mystery to unfold, because there is no point in living a lifelong lie.

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